Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This weekend I was hoping to just be able to relax and stay in Siena for once. Although that wish didn't come true, I got to go see the Volturi and eat world famous gelato. Not bad for one weekend right? First we went to a town called San Gimignano (San Jee-meen-YAH-no). This city was once home to almost one hundred tall towers that families lived in. They built their homes in towers to protect themselves from invasion from other cities. They didn't build stairs in their casaterra (tower house) but just built ladders so that when people did invade, all they had to do was pull up their ladders and they would ward off invaders. Smart. We went to the town hall where there was an art museum - fairly interesting but nothing special to say the least. The coolest part was climbing to the top of the tallest tower and viewing the entire bird's eye view of the city. Che Bellissima! After that we ate at a gelateria that has won the title of the world's best gelato for 3 years straight now. It was seriously the most heavenly tasting gelato I've ever eaten. It was so creamy and the flavors were simply phenomenal. I got pistacchio, cioccolato fondente, and cocco (coconut). Divine.
Next stop was Volterra, the setting for the New Moon (Twilight Series) book and movie. I was slightly tempted to buy a tacky shirt that had a huge picture of Edward and Bella on the front with Volterra written underneath. Needless to say, I didn't buy it. Non-buyers remorse? Maybe. I can always go back right? If anyone else wants nick-knacks such as an alabaster apple that says Twilight on the front - let me know. We also went to an Etruscan museum and quite honestly, once you've seen one, you've seen them all. They are full of sarcophagi, urns, some jewelry, and pottery. There, now you have basically been to one. That's Volterra in a nutshell, no need to go (unless you are going for the tacky shirt).


  1. hahaha! gotta love tacky t-shirts... Just so you know, Me and Casey are now VERY curious to try Gelato. :)

  2. Don't worry Leslie, I'll try to learn how to make it when I get back so you can try it. We'll see.