Tuesday, September 8, 2009

lunedi, martedi

Monday we saw a lot of fountains and piazzas including some creepy men trying to steal things (don’t worry mom, I was very aware of what was going on and it was easily prevented - don’t send me home). Also, dad - I’m averaging one gelato a day (don’t send me home either because it’s not 3, I think 1 a day is moderate). We went to dinner and I got a table, ordered water and food, and asked for the check - ALL in Italian. Thanks Jon for helping me! Then we got gelato and ate it on the Spanish Steps at night - always a party. Funny events include getting smashed by the doors in the metro because of rush hour and the inability of others to squish in and standing in the sun for 20 minutes waiting for the bus to come, crossing the street to get out of the sun, then crossing the street 2 minutes later when the bus is arriving. I knew that the only way the bus would come was if I proved I was smarter than an ape.

Tuesday was bright and early. We went to the Colosseum where 2,000 lives were lost in the first 100 days of opening. Although it sounds gory it was actually very neat - the Romans were so advanced, no wonder they conquered everything. It must have been a planned gory day because we also went and saw underground catacombs near the Appain Way as well as remnants under a Cathedral. Tomorrow is our last day in Rome - whew! That means that the schedule is going to slow down a little very very soon!

Jamie - I found your note today in my luggage. It came just at the right time and I appreciated it very much. You are so sweet and I loved spending time in Italy with you. I love you so much!

The Moses
I took this picture. Yes, a girl kissed a fake Gladiator!
Lauren and Me at dinner. She's so darling.


  1. MARIE!!! I've been anxiously waiting this update! I called home yesterday and today to see if they had heard anything from you. I'm so happy...you look like you are having so much fun! Keep living it up and enjoy every moment. I miss you terribly. I've wanted to call you at least 20 times already, and every time I go to grab my phone I remember that you are in Italy. Boo for me, yay for you.

    Let's definitely find a time to iChat soon. I know you are roaming the beautiful Italian country, so once you're stabilized we will schedule it! I love you!!! Can't wait to hear more. Many hugs and kisses!!

    PS - while calling home yesterday I spoke to Trevor for 40 MINUTES!! It was a very interactive phone call - he was asking questions and telling me stories without even being prompted. Your phone lessons have definitely payed off!


  2. Mareba!!!!! I am soo excited to read your "life O Marie" blog about your Italian adventures!! Just so you know, we are totallyl living vicariously through you...want an amazing experience you are already having; and just think...the fun is just beginning! :-)

    I look forward to your updates and pics of your fabulous adventures! Enjoy the ride... "GO BIG or Go home"!!! Love you and be safe!