Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sabbath Bliss

Me and Elizabeth at church

On Sunday we were able to attend the Roma 4th Ward (possibly Branch). I could easily say that this was one of the most touching meetings I have attended. The 19 girls and family of 5 almost doubled the ward size. Although small in numbers these members here have very strong and abiding testimonies of the true gospel. It’s very neat to hardly understand their words and be forced to listen through the spirit. The feeling in the ward was amazing!

The cherry on top of the amazing Sabbath consisted of a cute little nonna (grandma) directing the congregation in a song. She started singing loud and clear and caused the whole congregation to sing their hearts out. When the second verse rolled along she somehow got lost and obviously started singing the wrong words to the wrong tune - very loudly at that. The bishop stood right by her and got her back on track. What was neat was her attitude through the entire event. Some in that situation would have turned 10 shades of red, some would be offended, but would everyone be beaming ear to ear with excitement and enthusiasm to fulfill a calling and worship through music? Not me, but cute nonna, you bet! This same nonna approached most of the girls after Relief Society and kissed their cheeks and told each and everyone she loved them. It was so touching.

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