Saturday, September 12, 2009

Minori - Amalfi Coast

Alyssa, Ashley, and I arriving in Minori.
Our view.
Elizabeth soaking in the rays

On Thursday we had a free day to ourselves. First thing in the morning we went to a cute market where clothes, underwear, jackets, shoes, bed sheets, fresh produce, and basically anything you can sell was being sold. Then we hit the beach, played in the water, and tried our best not to look touristy (although the white skin, modest swim suits, and cameras gave us away).

I met the man of my dreams! He was rowing a boat into shore and was shirtless and good looking (always a plus). After he got his boat out of the water he started helping an old man get his boat onto the water. It was adorable. All of the girls nicknamed him Marco.

I did laundry from the tub - that was interesting. I left everything out to dry on our deck and right as we left the hotel the wind picked up. Of course it did - just my luck. I was praying that my personals wouldn’t be scattered all over the quaint town. I wasn’t too scared though - there’s always panties at the market. Sick.

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