Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Love Gravity

This blog pays tribute to gravity. Who thought that 9.8 meters per second squared would have such an effect on all of our lives, or buildings in Pisa. The infamous leaning tower is so well known all because of gravity (and a sandy foundation - primary song anyone?) and I think it's amazing that the thing is still standing.
Now who in their right mind would climb to the top of a building that is structurally unsound? I guess I would! I was pretty nervous when the group leader said we would be climbing it simply because it seems a little ridiculous to knowingly endanger myself. I did it anyway. And I had fun. While climbing around and around I could feel which way the tower was leaning according to the way that gravity was pulling me. I was being pulled to the center of the staircase, the outside of the staircase, and forward and backward. It's fun to feel that sensation but it's also scary because if you fell down those stairs that would be a sincere beating up and down. It didn't help that the stairs were highly polished and uneven which made them very slippery. Good thing I'm coordinated, sort of. I would have recorded the experience but my camera battery was dying and I had to save some battery life for the typical "push the leaning tower up" pictures! I'm touristy and it's ok!

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  1. That would be such a weird feeling climbing up the stairs, holy cow!! But seriously, you climbed up the LEANING TOWER OF PISA!!!!!!!! How cool is that?!! Can't wait to see you 'holding the Tower up' with your superhero strenght!