Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A New Week

Sunday was very interesting. Our host family had another family over for lunch where I saw the epitome of true Italian conversation. The entire dinner consisted of everyone talking at the same time, sometimes there would be a spurt where only 2 or 3 were talking, but there were always multiple people talking. It was very interesting to watch because they all fight for the attention of others and whoever has the best idea or the funniest story wins SOME attention. It was very overwhelming and I just stopped trying to understand what was going on. I just talked to Elizabeth quietly - and we took turns. Then we went on a walk with the family and I think Benny smoked at least 5 cigarettes. Chimney. He also insisted on buying us gelato on the Sabbath (that buys me another chat with the bishop I suppose). Benny is an interesting fellow who has taken a liking to Elizabeth. She has been a little weirded out by him paying a lot of attention to her and brushing her bangs out of her face, but supposedly that is custom for Italians in general. That's their way of accepting you and including you in with the family. Things will be fine, we just need to culturally adjust.
Although Sunday was a little overwhelming, the thought of the start of a new week was refreshing.
Monday: class until FHE, then dinner, then bed.
Tuesday: class until visiting the Duomo, Piccolini Library, and the Baptistry of Siena at 3.
Wednesday: class, street market, and Calcio (soccer game)! (Siena v. Verona - Siena's the best)
Thursday: cooking class (my favorite), visit San Caterina Church
Friday: class and nothing else
Saturday: Pisa and the Basilica
My Italian is getting better day by day. The only thing holding me back is my pride. I get too embarrassed when I say things incorrectly. I'm starting to get past that and I've seen some drastic improvement. I'm understanding things in class and it's so much fun. Hopefully I'll continue to improve.
Gelato Count: 15

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  1. Poor Elizabeth. That would be rather uncomfortable no matter what the culture. You two stay together, protect each big sister instinct is coming on. :)

    Keep up the good wok on the language! Jon has said several times that if you just keep trying the language will come. Don't worry about messing up - you're doing great!! Positive thinking!!