Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hurculaneum & Pompeii

On Wednesday left Rome early in the morning (on a freezing cold bus) and made our way down to Southern Italy. On our way to the Amalfi Coast we visited Hurculaneum and Pompei. These two preserved cities were very interesting to visit. Mt. Vesuvius erupted on August 29, 79. I always imagined that people of that time were primitive - false. The remnants of these two cities are amazing! They had water systems for their homes, public baths with hot, medium, and cold water, and even a workout facility. Although they were advanced, they were also fairly wicked. Brothels and homosexuality were obvious problems in the neighborhood and we know that because they have preserved frescoes of it. Now we know why the entire two cities were destroyed. Thanks Mt. Vesuvius.

This is my adorable roommate Elizabeth freezing on the bus. She tried to cover her arms with the headrest covers that were literally paper thin. She claims that it helped preserve her life by preventing hypothermia on the bus.

I also saw two stray dogs and it made me slightly miss petting Max and Gus-Gus. I jumped directly next to the dog and he didn't twitch at all. Nope, not dead, just homeless and covered in fleas. Slightly more unloved than my little doggies.

We made our way to the Amalfi Coast after that adventure. The bus ride was beautiful yet very painful. We were driving in a very large tour bus through hairpin turns on what was basically a one way street. One girl threw up and a few others were very carsick. I was so thankful that this bus had better suspension than the cute Ford Transit we rented with Dad & Mom because in that case, I think I would have been the girl vomiting.

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