Monday, September 14, 2009

School Night

Sunday was great. We literally quadrupled the branch size - it’s so small that a missionary is the Branch President. It was neat to see that the church is the same everywhere (except the sacrament bread, it’s definitely more delicious here). We had school orientation later that afternoon - can I say back to school night all over again. It was fun because the cute man, Dr. Bonomi, showed us where our classes were and how to get to the cafeteria. The orientation took way longer than we thought it would and me and Elizabeth hadn’t quite figured out the bus system. We got on a bus but actually got on the wrong one. We ended up having to ride the bus to the end of the route, wait ten minutes for it to start again and then ride back to a familiar area to walk back to our apartment. It took us about 45 minutes on the bus and about 45 minutes to walk. We arrived at about 8:45 and dinner was supposed to start at 8. Our host father, Benny, was fairly disappointed with us and told us we should have called. We tried to explain that we didn’t have his phone number and also that we got lost. He was fairly understanding but I was still on the verge of tears. Disappointing somebody is way worse than anything else I think. Everything ended up ok and we feel a lot better. We still haven’t figured out the bus system (bus maps don’t exist here, you just have to kind of guess a general direction and get on the bus and pray really hard) but we are determined to figure it out.

Later that night we went to a dance party. Anna, our mom had asked us about going with her before and we were really excited. We told all of the girls in the group how cool our mom was for taking us to this dance party. We arrived at the party and it happened to be a senior citizen dance party. You would think that the party would be dead but it was actually quite hoppin. This old short man came and asked Elizabeth to dance and he wouldn’t let her go until she danced for 3 songs. It was so hilarious because he was relentless. I got asked to dance by an old man too but it was only for one song. He was a really good dancer and he smelled pretty good. Too bad he’s too old for me. I’m so glad this whole situation happened because it was a great bonding experience with Anna. We haven’t been able to communicate with her entirely with her until at the dance party. I have found that laughing is a universal language and I’m so glad. It was so awesome. Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera (the one night that hilarious things occur - Murphy’s Law right?) but believe me, it was so funny.

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