Thursday, September 24, 2009


Cooking class again today and it was delicious as always! We made mushroom crostini, pecorino and pear risotto, chicken with pepperoni (bell peppers), and tiramisu. Everything tasted so amazing and it was fairly simple. I'm currently formulating a list of food items that I'm planning on bringing home so that I can try to recreate these recipes.
Last night we went to a Calcio game (soccer) and it was so much fun! The fans are insanely passionate about their team that they even have organized chants and songs that everyone knows. Siena played Verona and therefore it wasn't a very exciting game (they tied 0-0) but I think it was a good introduction course for Italian soccer.
On the way home it was dark and late and I was walking home with Elizabeth. A man pulled over and asked us if we wanted a ride (in Italian) and we kindly said no thank you and he drove away. A couple minutes later the same man pulled over again and asked us if we wanted a ride. We said no again and he drove away. Thankfully he didn't follow us or come back again so we felt fine about it. I was glad that I did have a cell phone just in case. We also used common knowledge - be bold and confident. We were totally fine. I don't know if the man was just being nice but we were still cautious. It's safe here in Siena, and I'm a smart girl. "Taxi cabs are so expensive, want to share?" -Taken
I'm doing really well and enjoying everything about my trip so far. We're planning a trip to Cinque Terra during conference weekend. Lovely. Life couldn't be better!


  1. Thanks for sharing your Italian adventures with your Oklahomans! You'll have to post more pics when you have a chance!! Love you Reba!!

  2. Can we be invited to the meal that you cook for the family? We are famiy ya know? I promise not to eat all of it... ;)