Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Temporary Family

Today we drove again and yes we all wore pants to avoid freezing to death like the previous experience. We went to an Etruscan tomb in the mountains. The valley looked very similar to good ol’ Heber Valley and it made me feel right at home. It was lovely. After that it was time to meet my host family. Oh my goodness they are so adorable. The mom and dad are so nice and the two little boys are seriously darling. Giuseppe is 12 and Alberto is 15. We went to the supermarket to get things for dinner and it was so fun. Alberto kept putting candy and ice cream bars in the basket secretly and it was so funny to see the family dynamic. Giuseppe has a cute hamster name Pipi (pronounced pee pee) and it is hilarious. It reminds me entirely of my childhood pets. Then we had a delicious meal. I thought I was going to die - I was already full when they pulled out two big blocks of trecia and mozzarella cheese and they had us eat it all with tomatoes. It tasted really good but too much of one thing can turn into a bad thing - I’m full of cheese. So I have church tomorrow, hopefully I can find it. I’m excited for my adventure!
Right before me and Elizabeth met our family


  1. So cute! Sounds like you are having quite the adventure! How long are you in Italy? And keep eating Gelato. I heard it's amazing!

  2. Woot Marie! It sounds like an awesome time! take lots of pics! me and Casey want to see them all and be jealous! :)