Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sono Pronto

The night before I was going to join my group I was looking through the itinerary just to see what I should expect for the first day. I was overwhelmed as I found the Vatican Museum and San Pietro’s Square and Cathedral on the list of things to do. From my visit the week previously I knew how tiring that would be. The Vatican Museum is gargantuan and the San Pietro’s is hot, humid, and busy. If you know anything about me, none of those things are even close to appealing.

I joined my group and immediately went for round 2 at the Vatican Museum. I was thankful for my previous visit there with an enthusiastic and very knowledgeable brother-in-law. I felt like I could capture more of each piece simply by knowing a few little tidbits. I was even overheard explaining the symbolism of the pinecone fountain in the courtyard and was pinpointed to repeat my words to the group. Thanks again Mr. Tourguide Curtis! I seriously wouldn’t have made it on the trip without him. Sidenote: pinecones symbolize fertility - a possible suggestion for a Halloween costume...

Mr. Tourguide Curtis

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