Monday, October 12, 2009

Vacanza with the Vicinanza's

We had the wonderful opportunity of going to Salerno (Southern Italy near Napoli) with my host family. It was very interesting but so worth it.
Some of my favorite things that happened this trip:
-Watching my fake brothers play on my iPod - they love JellyCar just like my real little brothers
-We arrived late Friday night under very sketchy circumstances. Salerno isn't quite as quaint or picturesque as other towns I've visited. My first impression of Salerno was: dirty, scary, gangster, traffic, and stinky.

What Salerno looks like from a distance - it's deceivingly beautiful

-That night we ate a lovely large meal with all of Benny's family. It was so fun to see him interact with his family - Italians are so loving. We ate an 8 course dinner and all of the family accepted us as their own. So kind. They also gave us three courses worth of dessert. Yum!

This man was the best - so cute

-We then went to the apartment where we were going to sleep. Everyone was speaking so fast and it was really overwhelming to understand. We just opted out of that social situation and retired for the evening.
-The next morning we went shopping at the market with Alberto and Anna. I was tired and really didn't want to be there - their style is so weird - but I made it through - no purchases were made.
-We came home to Benny who was in his official mushroom hunting outfit including a scarf tied around the neck, lightweight button-up shirt and pants, cap, and hiking boots. So darling, quite possibly my favorite part of the trip.

Benny and his mushroom he found in the forest (notice the scarf)

-Visited old town and walked up the shore-line with the family. Benny then found a ceramic shop bought something for me. Heaven knows what it is for. He explained it in Italian but...yep, still don't know...
My fake family

-We had another amazing meal including langostine, shrimp, oysters, clams, octopus (twice), some sort of raw fish, and another fish that was caught fresh that day - topped off with a chocolate souffle. DIVINE. I love seafood.

Benny, his friend (restaurant owner) and fish

-Then we drove in the coast on our way back home (for way too long) and stopped in Minori (near Amalfi) and Positano. They are both so lovely. The road was windy and Benny imitated his Ferrari skills through the turns.

Positano is lovely
Benny and his "Ferrari"

-We left at 10 AM and returned to Siena at 8PM. LONG, and yes, it only took us 4 hours on the way there.
Overall it was a very fun weekend and I'm glad I got to see my host family in their true element but man is it good to be "home".

*The pictures aren't the greatest quality but that is what it is allowing me to post so hopefully that is better than nothing!!

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  1. So fun!!! I'm glad you have a nice, fake family to take care of you, but boy we (you're real family) will love, love, love having you back at home.

    The pictures are great, Marie!!