Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sardines Anyone? Chocolate?

Tonight Benny brought out fish pasta. I was a little nervous because Eli hates fish and whenever some sort of seafood dish comes out she gets a little nervous and her gag reflexes heighten. Usually if she can't see the shape of the creature she's fine. This pasta dish worked well for her - little chunks of fish, no big deal. Then he brought out a whole basket of fried sardines - still in tact from head to tail with a little batter on them. Insert classic Eli face here, one of courage combined with disgust. She did a great job and ate everything - minus the spines - she couldn't eat those. Way to go Eli!! Most girls wouldn't even touch a sardine let alone de-spine and eat 30 or so.
Me, being the human garbage disposal, loved everything, spines included and even contemplated eating Eli's leftover spines...let's just say that I think I'm ready to be invited to the next General Conference Priesthood Afterparty because I'm a newfound convert to SARDINES (except I won't burp on you, I'm way more polite than that)!!
Tomorrow I'm going to Europe's most famous Chocolate Festival in Perugia, what some would consider a step up from sardines. Let me know if you want anything....mmmm


  1. I'm so impressed, Marie!! I think I've been to scarred by uncles burping in my face that I couldn't even think or want to eat a sardine. Way to go!!

    Um, yeah! Chocolate? Sounds delicious!!!! Eat some yummy dark chocolate for me!

  2. The deed is done. I purchased some fondente just for you and Jonathan. I tasted it, it's seriously divine. AH!!