Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Judaism, Haircuts, and Food

These are the things that I have done this week.

1) Jewish Synagogue - loved it. It was very different from the 10,000 Catholic Churches (slight exaggeration) I have seen and it was also neat because we were able to have a question & answer session with the group leader of the Jews in Siena. He was one of the nicest people I have ever met and the discussion was very interesting. I learned a lot about Judaism. He also told us that in Jerusalem the Mormon Church has donated a lot of money to help with their church programs. He said that the Jews and Mormons have a very good relationship and he respects our religious beliefs very much. It was cool to hear. No pictures allowed inside. Sorry.

2) I got a haircut here in Siena and it was SO MUCH FUN!! I was a little nervous because of the language barrier but it ended up being so cute.

It was interesting because a woman washed my hair, two men worked on cutting my hair (hairdressers here are typically male), and the same woman styled it after the men were done. 3 people. One haircut. It also took forever - 2 hours.

The best part about the haircut was just watching the men do their job. They were singing to American music and cutting hair in a very dramatic way. They would bend down backwards to get closer to my hair and once they would cut the hair they would throw it in the air - he was being totally serious, he wasn't trying to entertain at all, he was just in the "zone". It was so entertaining. After my hair was dry he did some last minute touch ups with his scissors. I felt like a poodle being groomed - my hair was literally flying all over the room. It was hilarious.
To make the whole situation funnier, after he finished the touch ups he grabbed two blow dryers, one in each hand, (stick 'em up partner) and started blowing my hair all over the place as the other man sprayed hairspray all over my crazy hair. Talk about blowing me away with their manliness :) I loved every minute!!

My hair - It's hard to see the layers

3) Cooking Class Menu: PIZZA!! All kinds of pizza. One with corn, tuna, and grilled onions (this one was my favorite), all of the others were pretty normal pizzas. It was delicious. We also had spinach and carrot something or other. Divine. We finished off with mint chocolate flan with strawberries on the side. Buonissimo!!

Tuna, Corn, and Grilled Onion Pizza

Spinach and Carrot something

Chocolate Mint Flan with Strawberries


  1. LOVE the new haircut and I'm totally loving the layers!! You look as beautiful as ever and I love the story! Didn't it make you feel like a celebrity to have the people that were working on your hair be so passionate about what they do. When I get my haircut here (at salons) I feel like all the hairdressers are so bored and watching the clock to tick by. They have lost the love, so the experience of getting my hair cut isn't nearly as enjoyable. How could you not love your haircut with someone who loves it so much?!

  2. Your haircut is so, so cute!! I didn't even ask what products were sold in the salon? Any L'Oreal?

    I pretty much want you to live close to me forever so we cook and make delicious food!!

  3. Marieba- LOVE the hair. Also your blog. I laugh at every one and am so happy you are doing so well. You go girl! I love you!