Wednesday, February 16, 2011

18 Credits and an Internship

When I tell people I have 18 credits and an internship they assume I'm busy and overwhelmed with all that I have going on. They believe that because of my load I probably don't have any time to have fun.

Only half of their assumptions are TRUE. I do have a lot going on. That is true. Am I really as busy as people assume? Surprisingly NOPE. This is the most relaxing semester I have ever experienced. All of my classes are really interesting and easy. I have assignments and readings associated with each class but it seems like I have plenty of time to do all of it. AND I don't have class on Fridays - ever. I feel like I'm living a lazy "cushy" college life. My mom said that I should enjoy it now because that feeling will one day leave and never come back. For now, I'm enjoying it entirely!


  1. Well I on the other hand am dying! haha I am swamped with school and work and class hours for my teaching classes.... *sigh* baaah

  2. Marie,

    It makes me smile to read your blog. I think only you could sound so positive and relaxed about 18 credits and an internship.Hope all is going well and you are getting ever closer to your final goals. Hugs, Susan Johnson

    P.S. Seriously, come and stay with us in Switzerland. We have a couple of beautiful guest rooms with your name on them. :)