Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend in a Nutshell


Brooke, McCall, and I had a one night getaway to Heber. We had delicious taco soup and yummy cinnamon monkey bread at McCall's house. Then we went to the Midway ice castles and warmed back up in my family's hot tub. We always have fun together - this trip was epic!

Me freezing by the ice monument

Marie, Brooke, and McCall (Brooke fell on her toosh seconds after this photo was taken)

McCall's silhouette

My silhouette

Brooke's silhouette


I was in charge of a fashion show event for the American Heart Association. The actual volunteer coordinator couldn't make it so I took her place and ended up being in charge of all of the volunteers. Everyone was asking me what to do - I have decided that it's fun to feel important! I'm also supposed to promote women's heart health so - please go tell at least 5 friends that 1/3 women will die of heart disease - it's the number 1 killer in women.

Go Red For Women Fashion Show at the Fashion Place Mall

I got home from the event just in time to get a haircut and go to the BYU volleyball game with Rodrigo, Brooke, and McCall.

Shot of my new hairdo. SHORT!

BYU Men's volleyball playing the UCLA Bruins.

Rodrigo, Brooke, and McCall - look how pretty their eyes are. Precious.


  1. The ice sculptures look incredible, soo fun!!! By the way, did you chop your hair? I can't tell if you cut it off or if you just pulled it back cute! Either way.... you look FAB!!!

  2. PS- I am sooo proud o you for single-handedly (sp?) carrying out the Fashion Show!! It looked like an amazing event, what a cool thing to be apart of!!

  3. Michelle - I did chop it off. 7 inches baby. It's fun but I do miss having long hair. It will grow but it is fun to have short hair for a change. Um the event was really fun. I had lots and lots of help from other people but it was cool to be in charge.

    Hey, congratulations to you guys!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  4. Cute hair maria!! Sure love you! Hopefully I can see you sometime in this life. that would be nice.