Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Day

One week from today I will have my beautiful sister in town and I will be done with finals. One week from tomorrow I will also be a college graduate. Life is neat. AND today is the last day of class. Forever. Party time.


  1. So proud of you, friend! :) Party time, indeed. Maybe a trip to Vegas is JUST the party?? PLEASE pretty PLEASE!!

  2. Marie, this really isn't Grandma V, or Mamma Vest, or whatever you call Jenna's mom. :) It's Susan Palmer (Wiese, now). I am using her login to read about their family and all the new babies, and stumbled across your blog. I just have to say you are absolutely darling, sharp, and so neat. Truly, you are beautiful and strong. Love you! Love who you are! Enjoyed the pictures. . . including Jack with a tan. I think of you and your family often, so I'm really glad you are doing so well. Please tell everyone hello. We live in Hurricane, and now have two little girls. I still teach but teach 7th grade now. Weird, but fun. Summers are still awesome, except too hot down here. Anyway, love you!! Congrats on graduation!!Susan (