Sunday, January 30, 2011

BYU Dating Scene

I went to the Jazz game on Friday night. It was a date - I think.

Tuesday night two boys knocked on the door and asked to talk to Brooke (my roommate) and me. The boys asked us if we would like to go to the Jazz game with them on Friday evening. We complied and were fairly excited to go. The door shut and we realized that we didn't know which boy actually asked us out. We knew it was a double date but the zoobies never distinguished how the date would be paired. Brooke + Boy 1 & Marie + Boy 2 OR Brooke + Boy 2 & Marie + Boy 1. Dilemma. We figured the couples would be obvious once they picked us up.

Much to our dismay, that distinction did not happen. As the boys opened the doors they failed to initiate who should sit where. SO - we just did what was the most convenient. Awkward. We played it cool though.

Throughout the date we seemed to pair off a little more and I was fairly confident who I was on a date with UNTIL the wretched doorstep scene. BAH! This still boggles my mind. I gave my "date" a hug and thanked him. Brooke followed suite with her date. THEN THE BOYS SWITCHED. My "date" gave Brooke and hug and Brooke's "date" gave me a hug.

WHAT? Was that real? Did that really happen? Oh BYU dating...

Here's the kicker - they both sat next to us in sacrament meeting today. Needless to say, I think they created a new dating genre titled DATING SCRAMBLE. I feel sorry for all of you who are missing out on these wonderful BYU experiences.


  1. This made me soo happy :) I can only imagine how awkward, and hilarious.

  2. Oh Miss Marie....I love you. And this explains so perfectly one of the reasons why.

  3. you re-entering the blogging world = the world a better, funnier place.

    So happy that you are posting again. I've missed you! And THIS is hilarious. so super funny!

    AND... MARIE. you totally need to apply to SLU nursing program. I graduate in May and it rocks.

  4. hahahahahaha. love this. i'm so happy for you. haha!

  5. seriously, what do you think goes on in those zoobie boys heads? obviously the dating-sense gene skips certain generations...

    was it at least a good game?! lol!

  6. This is hilarious Marie!! Love it and love you!

  7. That is very smart of them--they can get two dates for the price of one.