Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm Back

Whoa. It has been that long - the blogging format changed. Woops.

I'm here. Alive. Not that anyone is really reading. For those of you that are reading, sorry about the disjointed information and poorly formatted post you are about to experience. Studying for mental health has done a number on my mental health! (I think I'm funny).

This blog post is brought to you by procrastination. Finals schminals. So here we go!

This semester has been insanely busy but ridiculously rewarding. I was in mental health and med/surg for clinicals and had genomics, pharmacology, and philosophy as well. 

This post is dedicated to the previously mentioned semester. Hold on tight because we're going through highlights!


-gave my first IM injection - rabies vaccine :) woo!

-suctioned a trach - NASTIEST thing ever - mucus galore (isn't mucus a yummy word - mm) 

-heard a patient say "I love you" to me - I said it back because she was an angel

-wrote a 34 pager about my mental health clinical patient

-shadowed in the ER and saw AMAZING things

-watched a doctor rip off a thumbnail to examine the exposed broken phalange - lots of blood 

-drooled a little while I watched said handsome doc do the above procedure

-weirdly enjoyed seeing broken bones 

-assisted a physician with a deep laceration in need of double layer stitching - it was so deep I saw the patient's skull; silly rugby players...

-made a thousand hospital beds 
(and even mitered the corners because the techs get mad if you don't do everything in a particular way)

-bathed patients of all sizes - mmm another yummy

-listened to Condoleeza Rice speak for the BYU Management Society Banquet (blessing of service) She's an amazing person
Condoleeza Rice 2016

-jammed out at the LegWarmers concert in Falls Church 
(80s cover band) and watched wayyyy too many people get wasted

-cleaned the church every Saturday for 3 months...I was on bathroom duty (there are 10 in our building - you do the math)

-changed a PICC line dressing

-loved spending time with my high school BFF, Alyse

-skiied with the Bond family at Park City Resort

-watched Jamie open lovely gifts from so many generous people who love her and her baby girl (can May 25th come any sooner?)

-memorized WAY too many drugs for 

-devoured a red velvet Georgetown Cupcake cupcake - delicious

-Watched Georgetown men's basketball play UConn

-attended the Newseum with Jamie & Jonathan

-celebrated President's Day on Mt. Vernon (George Washington's home)

-cheered for Jimmer and the Kings at the Verizon Center

-delighted in the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin - lovely

-visited Westport, CT for Easter and felt Jamie's baby girl kick :)

-facetimed my loves

-kissed a cute boy

-enjoyed The Hunger Games

-adored hosting my darling visitors (McCall, Lindsay, and Jerilyn) around the Washington Memorial and National Mall

The end. Study time.


  1. So glad to hear you are having a fantastic time in nursing school and on the east coast!

  2. Yay! So fun! And so glad I got to come get a taste of your life in District C. Katniss. Wait, did you read those? Now I can't remember... ah man. Love you xo

  3. So good to hear you're doing so well! I'm happy for you Marie!! Love you!

  4. Loved traveling through your last semester post and all the pictures that pictures that accompanied it. Thank you for not posting any mucus pictures. :) ((((((Hugs)))))
    Susan Johnson