Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat

Halloween day was not so spooky and was lacking dinner in a pumpkin but it was still eventful and enjoyable. Saturday morning we got to go to Buonconvento, Asciano, Monte Oliveto, and Rapolano. We visited some churches, ate lunch at a monastery, viewed the lovely scenery, and learned about the process of making olive oil. All of the towns were sleepy and picturesque so it was a fun change of pace for the weekend.

The view from the Olive Oil Museum
Some Olive Oil

An old man working in the garden-
Outfit: Tweed blazer, White button up shirt
red beret, skinny jeans and leather boots.
His garden might look a little dry but at
least he is still lookin' good.

Three-wheeler: the steering wheel is not
a wheel, it's a handle-bar. Awesome.
I want one.

Later that night there was a Ward Halloween Party in Siena that we dressed up for. With some ideas from some friends and a little creativity I decided that being Mario would be the perfect costume for an Italian Halloween. Mario is the perfect merger of the two cultures - genius! My partner in crime forgot her costume (Luigi) but it still ended up being just fine. The missionaries also dressed up for the evening: hippie, nun (funny but borderline), gangster (very borderline - it's ok he's the Branch President), and a magician. They did a dance to MJ's Thriller - cute choreography - then it faded into Coolio's Gangster's Paradise (minus the lyrics - still dodgy) while the Branch President (gangster) rapped to it. It was so funny but I almost felt bad for laughing - I still did though - maybe I'll join Grandma in Kamas.

Kaitlin (We Can Do It girl), It's a me, Mario!
Annie (Frodo) - she won the costume contest hands down

Elders: Stanfield, Ranieri (Branch President),
Drury (served with Natalie Johnson) and Shaw
Up close and personal to my mustache.