Saturday, August 22, 2009


As I was sitting in the doctors office I saw a pamphlet titled, Scabies: The Journey to Eradication. I giggled to myself as I reminisced of my now laughable college experiences. Yes, one of my roommates had scabies and funny enough, nobody else in the apartment got it - one word, quarantine. She sat on the couch, this meant no relaxing in the living room for weeks.

Here's a taste of more funny experiences:

Third date: Boy asks, "Do you have a testimony?" then proceeds to ask, "Is it strong?" I suppose I passed because there was a fourth date...
Fourth date: Boy asks, "When do you want to get married?" I reply, "22 or 23, I want to experience life." I then shoot the question back at him. His reply, "ASAP!" No more dates for Marie.

First date, different boy: Kid you not, he says, "I'm disfellowshipped from the church." I say, "Why?" Really Marie? Why did I ask that? Did I want to know the answer anyway?

Another boy - I stopped returning his phone calls. Guess what he does? He came over to my apartment and confronted me about it in front of all of my guests. "Why haven't you returned any of my texts or phone calls?" Of course my face turned 10 shades of red. I deserved that one I suppose.

I remember hiding all of my nice knives in my bedroom for two reasons: one, so they wouldn't get ruined, two, so I wouldn't tempt my roommate's fantasy of stabbing people. Seriously.

The list could go on and on. I just want to thank the disgusting little mite that furrows into skin to defecate and lay eggs for reminding me, A - of college life and its fun and B - that I won't have to bear it for another 3 months.

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  1. oh, how i love you. this post made me laugh so hard. you sound like youre have a blast in italy. i'm so happy for you!